The Confidence Suit

In my Digital Media class, my group and I had to invent a piece of technology that would enhance human lifestyle. We came up with this humorous idea of having a “confidence suit” to help awkward/nervous people during social situations.

"The Confidence Suit is the latest fashion interface specifically designed to help you."

There are 5 main features:

1. The Heating/Cooler detector (fan blower for sweaty palms and forehead)

2. The Confidence Line Booster (built in speaker that whispers compliments)

3. The Conversation Starter (a watch and bracelet for girls)

4. The Automatic Body Stabilizer (adjusts body alignment for nervous twitches and look aways)

5.  The Stutter Fixer (overlaps with Voice helper)

"With the Confidence Suit, you can be empowered through every day life struggles."

This video cracks me up so much..Lol My group did a great job ^-^

The things I do for Art

I get cut, bruised, burned, bled, scraped, heat stroked, soaked, new moles grown, super worn out physically.

All for a beautiful piece of glass.

It’s been a VERY long time since I updated my art blog, but I wanted to share this extremely funny claymation me and my friend Danielle made for our ceramics final.

Our teacher mainly wanted us to focus on the raw clay making rather than superb animating/video editing skills. So that’s why the film has such a charming, crappy quality to it Lol

We used a free, low-tech video making app called iMotion HD, and this is what we came up with.

Enjoy! :)

Life from Moon and Stars: from the Wakaaranga people of Zimbabwe
(original story)


The Pigeon Strut by Podington Bear

Postmodernism often embodied complexity, contradiction, ambiguity, and unresolved diversity.

Art is the soul and Design is the brain.

Design is pushing me HARD. But in a very good way.

There are so many more layers as to why something would be composed, colored, typographically chosen, etc. There’s also a personality, passion, & intelligence, that I’m beginning to understand and see.

How we each visually think, interpret, and express ourselves is always going to be uniquely our own.

I’m really happy that I’m receiving this kind of education from my DSGD93 teacher. What Connie has to share is both enriching as it is challenging.

Now I’m pushing past comfort zones and limits I didn’t even know existed. And putting much more thought and consideration into every action when I design.

to one of my dearest friends and roomies.

twas Mucha inspired!

Interaction As an Aesthetic Event by Lev Manovich

Special Notes:

Aesthetics - “the coordination of all parts and details of an artwork or design” - lines, forms, colors, textures, materials, movements, sounds.

Interface is an expressive form comparable to theatrical performance.” -Brenda Laurel

The modernist design formula "form follows function" came to be replaced by new formulas such as "form follows emotion".


A full pinecone!!

2-3 hours south. 1.5 hour north. probably another hour or 2 in my room. ?? don’t even know anymore.

It takes time to perfect an imagined top of a pine cone.